Yen-Ying Chiang





10-17/05/2014 @上海戲劇學院 Shanghai Theatre Academy

Playwright /Jie Jhan
Director / Wei Chen Sun
Stage Design /Chiang Yen Ying
Lighting Design / Wang Fang Ning
Costume Design / Chen Kuan Jung

Plastic dust covers /
These produce a space where no one lives, because the material of the dust covers is transparent, the colours and shapes of furniture can be vaguely discerned. Yet they are not clear, somewhat like the pain and the past of the playwright's heart, which lie buried. However, in the play's recollection paragraph, the plastic sheeting is opened, and in every part of his home, some small fragments of memory are replayed.
Stacked chairs /
in order to convey the script's sense of pressure, I decided to stack chairs into a wall, just as the playwright's words in the script describe the family as being trapped in tightly like in a birdcage, with the disorderly lines symbolizing the playwright's inner chaos and entanglement. Each empty chair symbolizes each of the people who have left his side; he believes he is never able to keep any person with him.
Calendars on floor /
Calendars on the floor were for the Asia Pacific Arts Festival, in the hope of creating a Taiwanese style and atmosphere. The oversized blue date of the calendar faces the audience, time is arranged confusedly, emphasizing the play's sense of time, the reality of the past is intertwined, just as the reality and the memories of the play are intertwined.